Sunday, June 13, 2010

A milestone to say the least!

My adventure as an Etsy seller began in January of 2010 with my first sale January 7th. Funny because "7" days always have a special meaning to me. My husband's bday is on the 7th, my birthday is the 17th and we were married on the 27th day in 2007. I should have realized that was a good sign, but I never could have imagined this kind of success.

Morning Star Loft began as a hobby & has blossomed into something more. My real life job has me very busy - especially now where I have to be out of town during most of the week, only leaving me the weekends to design. I'm definitely looking into ways to improve my efficiency, without loosing my artistic integrity. I will be sure to let you all know how this new method progresses.

And one more bit of good news - I have been contacted by a trendy art gallery/boutique that is interested in selling some of my onesies! I'm over-the-moon excited & can't wait to get their order together & announce all the details here once they've been finalized.

To all my fans, family, friends & customers - THANK YOU! for your support & patronage. And while this blog is a little quiet right now, you can always reach me via email:

And the 100th sale?The Bob Dylan Forever Young onesie
now on its way to The Big Apple, New York, NY